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DougCo = Douglas&Company


Douglas & Company is an independent technology consulting firm specializing in Internet related projects. We are located in San Francisco, California, and believe that your needs can be better served by a small firm such as ourselves -- where you can get personal attention and very experienced consultants working directly with you and your company.

  1. Web Design

    We provide intelligent web design -- not just for your landing page website, but for the pages behind it, your customer web portal, and all the multi-device browser accessible pages you need.

  2. Backend Functionality

    Does your website need more than just pictures and words? Most websites need to DO something for your customers! We are expects at what happens behind the scenes, in the cloud! Also known as Backend as a Service (BaaS), we know how to use off-the-shelf platforms, as well as being able to create specific service for you.

  3. Customized Solutions

    We won't just slap in a Wordpress install or some off-the-shelf package that can be a magnet for hackers and the like. We will customize your applications, site, or portal to what you need.

  4. Server & Cloud Management

    Most of our customers don't just need a basic website on GoDaddy. They require advanced functionality and want specific ongoing support. Not only can we provide custom server configurations on dedicated server instances in our San Jose colocation facility, but we can setup and manage other cloud providers such as Amazon AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure.

Internet Companies

E‐Commerce Sites

Mobile Applications

Financial Companies

What People Say

“ Our systems are quite complex, but Douglas & Company was able to quickly muster a multi-disciplined team with speed of development a primary goal ”
V.P, Business Development
Internet Service Company
“ They helped us migrate our operation from it's initial incarnation to a reliable, efficient and secure web-based monitoring service ”
President & C.E.O.
B-to-B Internet Company
“ Douglas & Company provided innovative solutions to help us achieve our goals. They didn't just think in terms of our immediate needs, but rather advised us on where we'll need to be in the future. "
Ecommerce Retailer